Promotional Event!

Dear Valued Customer,

In the face of these challenging times posed by the global pandemic of COVID-19, ALUEM USA is working diligently to maintain a safe and reliable business for you and your customers.

Staying safe and healthy is our priority- this includes you, your employees and customers.
We are providing hand sanitizer as a little gift as a reminder that we can overcome this pandemic together.

**Only while supply lasts. One base gift per company will be automatically added and shipped to the same address as your order. Gifts cannot be shipped internationally. Past purchases do not apply. Only one gift per company.**

System Sensor

We now stock and supply the Fire Sprinkler Monitoring Products ‘OSY2’ and ‘WFD20N’.

System Sensor products supervise sprinkler systems by monitoring
waterflow, valve positions, and system pressure to ensure system
reliability and effectiveness. When it comes to installing the very best, always specify System Sensor fire sprinkler monitoring devices.